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Please help us welcome Terry as a new monthly contributor here at Two Drops of Ink. She has a unique voice, and we look forward to her future posts. 

By Terry Gassett

Shortly before my 60th birthday, I left home. It was a planned departure, carefully thought out and prepared for, but that didn’t make it any easier.

The morning of the move, I remember opening my eyes, and thinking that this would be the last time I ever opened them to view the pale lavender walls of our bedroom, the cream-colored lace curtains, or the joyful rabbit faces greeting me from the platter held by my favorite wrought iron plate rack.

It would be the last time, in this house, in this home, that I would wake up in the beautiful cherry wood sleigh bed my husband and I had purchased for our 20th anniversary. It would be the…

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An Instrument of Beauty

Here’s My WHY………

Two Drops of Ink: A Literary Blog

By Terry Gassett

Each time I sit down to write, I am sure that I cannot do it again. I am sure that I can’t possibly form words and sentences that will once again translate my soul onto paper. It doesn’t matter how many times I have done it before, or how well written a previous piece might have been, or even how much positive feedback I received, I always freeze when my fingers first touch the keypad.

I remember the same thing happening when I performed at piano recitals as a young woman. Although I had faithfully practiced for months before each event, (until both my professor and I were convinced I was ready to perform), I can still remember my hands freezing at the precise moment of contact between the tips of my fingers and the smooth ivory keys of the baby grand. It was as if I was…

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